Bello BRAND Story --  Mission/Vision/Strategy (Click to read the pdf doc)
This case document will give you a great understanding of WHO we work with and their STORY, as well as the WHY (need, vision, mision), and HOW (strategies) we do so.  (Since the church plant came after this doc was developed - it is not included.)

In 2020 we started a brand new focus - CHURCH PLANTING -- and we have now launched Life & Joy Community in Arroyo Hondo section of the capital city Santo Domingo.  We also continue to lead what were prior to this, our two primary ministry focuses in the Dominican Republic -- National Teen Ministries and Uconexion University Ministries.  Berly continues to produce music and runs a recording studio from which he helps many music ministries.  Select the links on the left to see details about the ministries we are a part of in the Dominican Republic.