Campus Missionaries

We are continuously challenging students in the Dominican Republic to have a passion to reach their school campuses. When those students express "revolutionary" desire, we give them a strategy as campus missionaries to help them accomplish their goal. The strategy is put into motion when a student signs a contract to become a campus missionary. He or she agrees to be faithful to 5 commitments. Those commitments are:
  1. Praying for his school and 5 unsaved friends every day.
  2. Living a lifestyle that is a testimony of Christ every day.
  3. Telling the story of Jesus at every opportunity possible.
  4. Starting (or supporting) a Bible club at his school.
  5. Giving money to missions every month.
Our Campus Missionaries are also challenged to host See You At The Pole at their school every September. SYATP is an international prayer meeting the 3rd Wednesday of September in which students meet around the flagpole of their school in order to pray for their school and their country.
We have campus missionaries throughout the entire country of the Dominican Republic. They are bathing their campuses in prayer and God is responding!