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Aug 2012 - SummerFest Praise Report

This is a special praise report about SummerFest, July 23-25, 2012.
 Here’s some of the highlights:
1)     We exceeded our attendance goals (goal was 100 students +staff)! We reached a total of 170 persons.
2)     We definitely achieved the goal that at least “1/2” the student attendees be unbelievers/unchurched.
 3)     One couple at our church offered to cook lunch EVERY day for ALL the attendees!!  We were able to get local church members to donate the funds to purchase the ingredients – and so we actually included lunch for free in the event.
 4)     43 students came forward to the altar to commit their life to Christ – many with tears running down their cheeks!
 5)     110 students signed a sexual purity pact
6)     We gifted each student a “Every Young Man/Woman’s Battle” book and asked them if they would consider coming to 8 weeks of small groups to study and discuss the book.
 7)     2 weeks in to the small groups – there are over 60 students and leaders attending (between the mother church and church plant locations)!  At least half of these students are unchurched.

Saulo and 3 of his friends took the Video Editing breakout – and they each made a salvation commitment the last day.  They went home and filmed their very own 12 minute mini-movie and uploaded it to YouTube.  It’s called “La Calle” (the street) and is all about a few bad boys from the street getting into trouble until someone comes and shares Christ with them and they get saved and change their ways!  The final screen says, “we were once bad boys on the street, but now we are part of The Trinidad Church!”   These guys are attending the small groups and have now been coming to some of the regular church services as well.

9)     Our NorthCreek Church Team from Vancouver WA was amazing!  They directed all the games, crowdbreakers, taught workshops (even without knowing Spanish), did dramas, and served, served, served.  SummerFest was a success MUCH thanks to their key partnership! 

THANKS AGAIN for your prayers.  I love knowing that we have a team not only on site at our ministry events in the DR, but also to know we’ve got a powerful, praying team of back-up in the States (and around the world!)  Blessings to you all for your part in transforming a whole bunch of teenagers lives during SummerFest 2012, July 23-25th.